Інтерв'ю з Андрієм Волошиним про "залізо", IoT, криптографію, та бейдж NoNameCon 2019. 


NoNameCon Badge Trailer

Toyota's PASTA- A car hacking tool to enhance automobile cybersecurity

U.S. top court declines to take up Fiat Chrysler hacking case

NSA to release a free reverse engineering tool

Real World Crypto Symposium


Кібератака на нотаріусів чи напад на Україну?

Post-mortem for Kubernetes CVE-2018-1002105

Surveillance Kills Freedom By Killing Experimentation

Common-Knowledge Attacks on Democracy by Henry Farrell, Bruce Schneier

Let them paste passwords - NCSC

Equifax did not see the data exfiltration because the device used to monitor ACIS network traffic had been inactive for 19 months due to an expired security certificate

NoNameCon 2019 CFP


Intro/outro: alyona alyona – Відчиняй https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FCMJ31i8Yg

No Name Podcast Patreon

Movember initiative

Nataliya Zubar - Створені під копирку акаунти

Two Celebrities Charged With Unlawfully Touting Coin Offerings

An NPM package with 2,000,000 weekly downloads had malicious code injected into it. No one knows what the malicious code does yet.

GDPR в Штатах?

Ukrainian police arrest hacker who infected over 2,000 users with DarkComet RAT

Pentagon fails first-ever audit

Головний равин України доксить НАБУ

ArtChain, a blockchain-based startup, has a hilarious way of dealing with vulnerability reports

ProtonMail JavaScript drama

Werner Schober - IoD - Internet of Dildos, a Long Way to a Vibrant Future


An introduction to SOLID, Tim Berners-Lee’s new, re-decentralized Web

Kernel RCE caused by buffer overflow in Apple's ICMP packet-handling code (CVE-2018-4407)

This SIM Card Forces all of Your Mobile Data Through Tor

Go deeper: Bloomberg's fraying "secret chips" story

Google+ to shut down after security bug

French police officer caught selling confidential police data on the dark web


Tesla Model 3 Stolen From Mall of America Using Only a Smartphone

InfoSec Handlers Diary Blog - Crypto Mining Is More Popular Than Ever!

Tesla update has bricked (!) the car

Hackers Can Steal a Tesla Model S in Seconds by Cloning Its Key Fob


Uproar after Adobe winds down Magento rewards-based bug bounty program

Analysis | How badly did Russia’s interview with the Skripal poisoning suspects backfire?

Extended Validation Certificates are Dead

Krebs on credit freeze

Double Spend Vulnerability in Bitcoin Core

Latest iOS and Android security improvements (PDF)


Easily the best talk at CRYPTO.

Hackers Stole Personal Data of 2 Million T-Mobile Customers

Q: Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible?

Botched CIA Communications System Helped Blow Cover of Chinese Agents

Semmle Discovers Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Apache Struts (CVE-2018-11776)

More Ghostscript Issues: Should we disable PS coders in policy.xml by default?

Hackers Can Compromise Your Entire Networks Just By Sending A Fax Message

Burp Suite 2.0 beta now available

Facebook has been talking to banks about putting financial data into Messenger, and people are freaking out

A former Tesla employee, who worked on their IT infrastructure, is posting in a subforum of a subforum, a little-known place for funy computer forgotten by time. His NDA has expired.

r/EnoughMuskSpam - Former Tesla Programmer's anecdotes about problems



«Киевстар» по ошибке отправил пароли к своим корпоративным сервисам. Как так случилось?

Чи підслуховує за нами Facebook? (Ні.)

BountyGraph: Crowdfunded Bug Bounties and Security Audits

National Cyber Security Centre publish Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Security Guide

Looks like @officialmcafee may have just gone game over in just over 72 hours as malware hustling @Bitfi6 wallets are now loose

How I gained commit access to Homebrew in 30 minutes

NSA’s Encryption Algorithm in Linux Kernel 4.17 Leaves Users Miffed

How Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape the Global Order


Cortana Hack Lets You Change Passwords on Locked PCs

Apple tests iPhone security feature that could foil law enforcement

Intro to ATT&CK

Європа, 698 р. до н.е.


Про NoNameCon: пісдсумки, висновки й плани на майбутнє.

Програма: https://nonamecon.sched.com 

Відео доповідей: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6nwb5Mnrdr9djH3S2h9AbQ 


Intro: Dead Celebrity Status - What Have We Become 

Uber self-driving car kills a woman in Arizona - stand by до результатів розслідування 

Lifecell користується локацією користувачів для реклами

T-Mobile зберігає паролі відритим текстом, але заявляє про "надзвичайно стійку" безпеку 

Розглядаємо варіанти налаштування VPN для забезпечення приватності

Fakebank застосунок до Android перехоплює користувацькі дзвінки в банк для видурення інформації про банківські картки

Комічний законопроект про криптовалюти 

Баг в Siri дозволяв прочитати приховані нотифікації коли телефон заблокований 

Terraform (від Hashicorp) використовував самопальний (звісно вразливий) алгоритм генерування псевдо-випадкових послідовностей 

Нова схема кардерів для експлуатування чіпованих карток


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